Enjoy Japanese Cultural Experiences!

Japanese cultural experiences will surely enrich your trip by creating fond memories!
We have a wide range of activities offered to tourists in Izu, but most of those activities require prior reservations in Japanese only.
As a part of our OMOTENASHI, we will make reservations for our guests.
Listed below are some popular hands-on activities available around SEIZAN YAMATO.
Just let us know activity name, date, and number of people via e-mail (
We will check the availability and make an arrangement for you.

Jogasaki Coast

kawazu sakura festival

In prehistoriv times an eruption of Mt. Omuroyama caused lava to flow down to the seashore and the the erosion from the waves created the magnificent ever-changing coastline. the numerous capes of various sizes have been given unique names. The sheep sorrel and the largest pathch of bayberry in Japan that grow thckly along the coast have been designated natural treasures by the city. A 9km long hiking coarse in view of the Seven Islands of Izu out to sea has been built and features a suspension bridge and lighthouse with a 360 degree observation deck along the way.

Jogasaki Suspension Bridge

kawazu sakura festival

One of the famous sites along the Jogasaki Coast is the meters from Hanshirootoshi to Cape Kadowaki. The thrill the bridge provides is greater than that of Osenkorogashi in Boso or Oyashirazu in Hokuriku. Another famous site is the 18 meter high Hahidate no Umi suspension bridge that span 60meters form Hashidate to Jyosen. The view from this suspension bridge covers a variety of different landscapes that show the extreme characteristics of nature.


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orange picking

Orange Picking

Enjoy refreshing taste and smell of fresh MIKAN (mandarin orange)!
There are many orange farms in USAMI area and you can enjoy picking seasonal oranges.
[Open: October - January]
[Fee: from 600 yen]
Payment: cash only.

Sashimi Lobster

Strawberry Picking

Enjoy sweet smell and taste of strawberries!
The strawberries are grown within green houses, so you don’t have to worry about weather.
[Open: 9:00-16:30, January - May ]
[Fee: from 2,000 yen]

* Approximately
15 minutes drive from Seizan Yamato
* For further information
Yes Strawberry

Go Local Guide ITO

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Limousine Sightseeing Tour Courses Starting

Approximate price per vehicle. Payment method Cash only.
Highway tolls, facility entrance fees, and other additional fees are not included.
Time required about 5 hours.
The rates are subject without notice. Please contact us more details
Middle-sized car fare 20.860 yen. (Recommended Capacity: 3)
Large-sized care fare 31.290 yen.( Recommended Capacity: 6)
Middle-sized car fare 23.840 yen. (Recommended Capacity: 3)
Large-sized care fare 35.760 yen.( Recommended Capacity: 6)

Let’s enjoy sightseeing in Ito by rent-a bicycle and walking.

Goloso Rent-a bicycle

Izukyu Rental Bicycle Izu Potter

Jogasaki walking course


Economical and flexible by one -day trip ticket.
Adult \1,300 Child \650
Further more information is