Welcome to Seizan Yamato

Located in Ito on the Izu Peninsula, Aoyama Yamato offers a variety of "Japanese" experiences during your stay!

1: Guest rooms

Surrounded by a bamboo grove, you can feel the Japanese atmosphere even before entering the inn. Guest rooms are traditional Japanese-style rooms with tatami mats. Some rooms have an open-air bath.

What is a Japanese-style room (tatami)?

Tatami rooms are rooms with tatami mats laid out on the floor, which is unique to traditional Japanese houses. The history of Japanese-style rooms is long and has been handed down from the Kamakura and Muromachi Periods to the present day. In addition to Tatami, the room is surrounded by "shoji" (paper sliding doors) and "fusuma" (sliding screens) that let natural light softly enter the room. We invite you to experience Japanese tatami, which is very comfortable to walk on with bare feet.


2: Meals

Our meals are mainly served with traditional Japanese cuisine. Enjoy sashimi and other dishes prepared with ingredients unique to Izu, which is surrounded by the sea and mountains. Meals can be served in your guest room or in the dining room.

What is sashimi?

Sashimi is a Japanese dish made by removing the bones, skin, etc. of raw ingredients, mainly seafood, without heating them, and cutting them into pieces that are easy to eat. Sashimi is usually served with soy sauce and wasabi (Japanese horseradish). It is a traditional dish that can be enjoyed only in Japan, an island nation where fresh fish is readily available.


3: Hot Springs

Our onsen is 100% free-flowing hot-spring water. The large bath overlooking the shimmering Sagami Bay, the open-air bath with a comfortable breeze, and the family bath available for private use are just a few of the facilities available for you to enjoy the best of hot spring time to your heart's content. We also have guest rooms with open-air baths where you can enjoy the hot spring in your room.

What is onsen (hot spring)?

Onsen refers to spring water with a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius or higher, or even below 25 degrees Celsius, but with a specified substance dissolved in the water. Onsen kakegashi" refers to the state in which the hot spring water, with its components intact, fills the bathtub and overflows in a fresh state.


4. Yukata and Samue

Please feel free to wear a yukata or samue during your stay. For women, we have dozens of different colored yukata available. You can also enjoy the pleasure of choosing your favorite pattern and obi. For those who are concerned about wearing only the yukata, samue is also available.

What is a yukata?

A yukata is an unlined, single garment made mainly of cotton fabric. It is worn on the bare skin without Japanese underwear, and is characterized by bare feet and geta (wooden clogs). Today, it has become an indispensable traditional Japanese garment for bathing at hot spring resorts, summer festivals, Bon dances, and so on.


Stay in Seizanyamato(OMOTENASHI)

The spirit of "Omotenashi" has been passed down from generation to generation. Please experience genuine hospitality at Aoyama Yamato.



We offer traditional Japanese-style rooms. Please feel the tatami mats with your bare feet.



Surrounded by the sea and mountains, Izu is a land of abundant ingredients. Enjoy colorful Japanese dishes such as sashimi and other Japanese delicacies.



Enjoy the 100% free-flowing hot spring "Seizan-no-yu". Enjoy the view of Sagami Bay to your heart's content.



The area surrounding the museum is home to many spots where visitors can experience Japan's great outdoors, as well as a wide variety of activities, museums, and hands-on workshops.