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Ryokan Experience

Experience Japanese traditions

A ryokan embodies the very essence of Japan and is surely the accommodation of choice if you wish to personally experience the uniqueness of Japan - the architecture, lifestyle, nature, traditions and culture.
Seizan Yamato provides a traditional Ryokan experience.
Living in a room with Tatami (straw mat) flooring, changing into a crisp Yukata (cotton kimono robe) after taking an Onsen hot-spring bath, sleeping on a Futon (bedding), etc.
The spirit of warm Japanese hospitality will revive you.


Accommodations for this package

The rooms for this package are traditional Japanese style with tatami mats and delicate sliding paper doors that create beautiful harmony. Also enjoy the breathtaking view of the IZU mountains from the resort.

open-air bath open-air bath

“Standard room”

Japanese style room with 12.5 tatami mats.

approximately 49㎡
bath and shower toilet

“Standard room”

Japanese style room with 10 tatami mats. approximately 37㎡
bath and shower toilet

Meals for this package

Savor the seasonal local delicacies! Since ITO is located by the ocean, our culinary experts serve our guests only the freshest seafood available. Carefully selected ingredients will be meticulously prepared in traditional Japanese-style cuisine.

Example images of seasonal choices.


Enjoy our outstanding "Kaiseki" dinner course served to you by our staff while relaxing in the comfort of your room.
"Kaiseki" is a full-course Japanese-style dinner originating from the traditional teaceremony.To make your experience more enjoyable, we offer some customization.
Several different aperitifs and desserts, and main courses can be prepared seasonally to meet your personal tastes.Our staff will explain the dinner options available for that day upon arrival.
Full course dinner consists of approximately 10 dishes.
*Due to the extensive preparation of our cuisine, guests arriving after 7:00 p.m. will not be able to receive the traditional "Kaiseki" dinner.



Depending on your specific tastes, you can choose between a Japanese or Western style breakfast.
Our staff will ask for your choice the day before breakfast is served.

Rates for this package

Room Type Number of guests
per room
Weekdays and
Holiday Nights
Saturdays and
Holiday Eve Nights
12.5tatami mats 4guests 21,750yen 29,310yen
3guests 23,910yen 31,470yen
2guests 26,070yen 35,790yen
10tatami mats 2guests 24,990yen 31,470yen
1guest 32,550yen ---------
Per person / Per night ( JPY )
These rates are per person and include:
-One night accommodation
-Full course "Kaiseki" Dinner
-Japanese or Western style Breakfast
-Entrance to the hot spring
-include 8% consumption tax
Check in time 14:00
Check out time 11:00

The above rates are for the off-peak seasons between Jan 5-Aug 9, Aug 16-Dec 27.
These rates do not apply for the periods between Dec 28 - Jan 4, May 1 - May 3, Aug 10, and Aug 13 - Aug 15. Please contact us for rates during these dates.

Rates for 6 years old or younger children, please feel free to contact us.


These rates do not apply for the periods between December27-Jan4,May3-May5,Aug1-Aug31.

include 8% consumption tax and 150yen bath tax.

Special offers


If you are staying more than 2 nights, you can get 1,000 yen (per person) discount from the above regular rates for the second night.


If you are planning to stay at our group ryokan “SHIMODA YAMATOKAN” before or after the day of Seizan Yamato stay,you can get 1,000 yen (per person) discount from the above regular rates for the second night. To use this discount offer, please fill out your travel schedule in a comment section.

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