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Experience Japanese traditions

A ryokan embodies the very essence of Japan and is surely the accommodation of choice if you wish to personally experience the uniqueness of Japan - the architecture, lifestyle, nature, traditions and culture.
Seizan Yamato provides a traditional Ryokan experience.
Living in a room with Tatami (straw mat) flooring, changing into a crisp Yukata (cotton kimono robe) after taking an Onsen hot-spring bath, sleeping on a Futon (bedding), etc.
The spirit of warm Japanese hospitality will revive you.

General Manager
Hidetaka Shimakura
Welcome to Seizan-yamato
Thank you for visiting our site. Seizan Yamato is set on top of a hill overlooking Ito City and the tranquil blue ocean. As you walk thorough the gate, a green bamboo garden beckons you to begin your journey toward a relaxed state of mind. We have a natural backdrop with modern Japanese elegance. Make yourself at home while enjoying fresh seasonal food and relaxing in the natural hot springs. I hope your stay at Seizan Yamato will be one of the highlights of your trip to Japan. Thank you again for visiting us. We are looking forward to welcomig you to Seizan Yamato.

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